Happy New Year 2019

Here we are again, the end of another year that seems like it started just a few months ago, not 12 months ago. But that being said I want to recap 2018 and update our patients on our family and express my appreciation for the privilege of getting to serve your families.

Louis, our oldest, whom many of you will remember as he worked with me for a while is now working for, Kareo, a medical software company in Irvine. He and his wife, Annie, have 2 daughters, Elodie is 7 and in 2nd grade while Vivienne is 3 and attends preschool. They are smart, energetic kids and we love spending time with them.

Aimée lives in San Francisco with her husband, Tjarko and their 2 boys, Breton who is 3 and Cameron who just turned 1. Breton loves trucks, construction and trains. He will sit for long stretches of time just watching road work. Cameron is just starting to walk and talk and becoming a playmate to his big brother. We love to get up there to see them as often as possible.

Bobby, recently moved to Salt Lake City and is working for Netflix. He seems to be enjoying the work but the jury is out on the weather. This will be a real winter for a California guy. We visited him in early December and enjoyed some of that winter weather and beautiful surroundings.

Claire, our youngest is a senior in high school and is working hard in her classes. She carries a heavy load with AP and honors courses. She has applied to the Cal States and UC’s and is trying to plan her next step in her education. She is a good kid and a very good student. Her interests lie in art, design, anime and manga. We are excited to see where her interests and passions lead her.

Cameron and I have always considered vacations important but we kicked it up a notch this last year. We traveled to Hawaii twice, in February to vacation with Aimée and her family when they went there after Cameron’s birth and in June for our biannual trip to Kauai where Cameron’s brother and family joined us for a week. Claire has always been a fan of Asian art and culture and with her encouragement we decided to visit Japan over spring break. We were unbelievably fortunate to be there during cherry blossom season (sakura). We spent a couple days in Kyoto, slept on mats at an authentic Japanese hotel, traveled on the bullet train, ate something with tentacles, saw Mt. Fuji, ate delicious raman and did some shopping. Tokyo was very English friendly and I would recommend it as a great destination. Cameron and I also went to Europe in September and drove from Barcelona to Switzerland to join Aimée and her family on their extended vacation. While there, Cameron rented a plane and flew us from Locarno, into Italy and back over Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Lake Como, it was an amazing experience and a highlight of our trip.  We left Switzerland and had a beautiful drive south, over the Alps to France where we stayed with a cousin who connected with us a couple of years ago over Facebook. We stayed with him and his family in a historic home that has been in his family for 300 years. He showed us around the area where my dad’s dad had grown up and worked in the coal mines. Our next stop was Monserrat in Spain where we stayed for 2 nights. We loved the hiking, monastery and the view. We had a stopover in Stockholm where we stayed for 2 nights and walked all over the city. A truly beautiful location. All in all it was a fantastic trip.

Our office is staffed with great people and we recently added a new doctor, Dr. Julie Kim, who has proved to be a great addition to the practice. We also purchased several new pieces of equipment that allow us to better diagnose and treat glaucoma, dry eye and other eye conditions. It has always been a top priority for us to keep up with the latest technology in order to be able to provide the best patient care possible. I value each and every one of our patients and strive to serve you all well.

We hope you and your families have enjoyed a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing many of you in the New Year.


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